Welcome to Union County High School

Welcome to Union County High School.  I am truly honored and excited to be involved in an organization whose vision is to serve students through an educational community of excellence!  Students, teachers, parents and community members will all:

  • Teach and learn with passion
  • Promote rigorous and sustained effort
  • Value reason, respect and responsibility

The main goal of Union County High School is to prepare students to be successful in life.  We want our students to excel in their chosen profession.  Our faculty will challenge students with a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for college, technical school, the military, or the work force.

I challenge students to set the bar high and stretch yourself to attain your goals.  High school should be a time where students discover what career they are interested in and make plans to pursue that career.  Parents, I challenge you to be involved and encourage your children to accomplish more than even they realize they are capable.

John E. Hill


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School Governance Team

Union County High School
Governance Team Meetings

Team will meet at the UCHS Media Center @ 10:00
on the following dates:


SGT Members

Jack Lance - Chairperson & Community Member
Alicia Covington - Employee
Alecia Frizzell -  Employee
Luke Colwell - Community Member
Kathyrne Mancuso - Parent
Heather Byers - Parent
Madison Yost - Student
RJ Banton- Student


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Union County High School
153 Panther Circle Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: 706.745.2216
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